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NRI Access in Tirumala

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I intend here to document my privileged access to Tirumala Balaji temple in the month of May 2023. Hope that this will help others who have similar privileges.

NRI Access

If you are an NRI and you have arrived to Tirumala, within one month of the date of arrival, then you have this possibility. What do I mean? For e.g. you arrived on 01 May in India and your passport has the stamp of that date at the Indian Border Control in the airport. Then you are allowed to use the NRI Access within the end of May, since it valid for one month.

What documents do you need to carry?

  • Indian/Foreign Passport with Indian Border Control Stamp
  • Residence Permit/OCI/PIO Card to prove that you are an NRI

Where do you need to go?

In 2019 the NRI people were combined with Supatham Seva people. Supatham is basically for people with children less than 1 year old or other people with special access. This time in May 2023 the NRI entry was combined with defense quota and others. The reporting is at the ATC in Tirumala. Here is the link from Google Maps:

This NRI Access is said to be open from 11 AM till 5 PM.

Final words

Once you reach this place, you need to just show your documents after which you have to pay 300 Rupees for a ticket. Then you are routed a waiting compartment. Here you probably have to wait for half an hour. There are two security checks, which are rather annoying. Finally you merge with the Sarvadarshan and the normal 300 Rupees special darshan queues. The whole process of getting darshan takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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