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Srivari Trust Donation Access in Tirumala

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If one donates 10,500 Rupees to TTD, then one gets VIP Darshan of Lord Venkateshwara. Now there are two ways of donating. The more well known way is to donate online and follow the process of getting the ticket there. The other way which is not so well documented, is to donate directly in Tirumala and gain VIP Darshan. Please note that this information I am providing is based on my visit in May 2023.

There is an allotment of 400 tickets per day based on a first come first serve basis.

How to get Srivari Donation in Tirumala?

  • Report to the Camp Office of the Joint Executive Officer (J.T.O) between 9:30 AM and 3 PM. Here is the Google Maps link to the office:
  • Carry Aadhar Card & Xerox copy of Aadhar Card. The xerox copy has to be submitted, without which you will not be given the ticket
  • Pay a donation of 10,500 Rupees. Your photo will be taken and printed on the ticket. Note that the darshan date is the next day. You cannot get darshan on the same day.

Where is the entry point?

Our darshan timing was 10:15 AM the next day. We actually went a little earlier and were still allowed to enter. The entry point is the same for VIPs and for Donor Darshan. You are asked to report to the ATC in Tirumala. Here is the link:

You will breeze through security and get direct darshan cutting through all queues. The time taken to get darshan is between 1 to 2 hours. Please fell free to write to me, if you have any questions.

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