Avidya Vedanta

Detours for the intellectual

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It seems very clear actually. One has to do Sadhana so that one comes to Chittashuddhi. With Chittashuddhi, one has earned the Sadhanachatushtaya. Then, intuit the self through the self. You emerge on the otherside.

But we like to take pitstops and exits on this arduous highway. So let us add some more Adhyaropa, superimposition, and stall our own progress.

List of controversial topics that just occupy your time and energy:

  • The role of women in the vedic culture.
  • The role of caste in the vedic culture

Then the topics for the scholarly types:

  • The locus of Avidya – Is it in Brahman or the Jiva?
  • Is Avidya having any reality whatsoever? Is it Bhavarupa, like your desire?
  • Is Drishti Shristhi Vada higher than Shristhi Drishti Vada?
  • Does the Jivanmukta have any Prarbhda Karma?
  • Is Niddhidhyasana before or after Mukti? Cause now you want to discuss the Saptabhoumika?
  • Are Maya and Avidya the same?

The point finally being that we need to transcend and come to the universal experience of the Self. Now if we get caught up in the nitty gritty, who is going to work out his Karmas? How will I liberate myself, if I am continuing to try to answer these questions in my ignorance. Once free, do any of these questions even remotely matter?

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