WordPress on GCP

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Created my wordpress site on Google Cloud Platform(GCP). I used the click to deploy option, to deploy the site on compute engine. Just follow the guide. Once deployed:

  • one has to add the zone in the cloud DNS. It’s as per the instructions.
  • Also one needs to make the external IP as static by reserving the IP.

I bought a domain from Now the problem is that GCP it expects you to naturally have bought the domain from Google Domains. Since that is not always possible or desirable, one needs to do some extra configuration at the site.

Nameserver: One needs to remove the existing name servers and use the google name servers. When you go to Cloud DNS and see the zone file, there is an entry for NS (Name Server). Here you find the list of NS that you need to copy into your world4you NS for the domain.

DNS IP: Change the IP of your domain to the external static IP that you reserved on GCP.

HTTPS: Lastly one needs to login to GCP and configure the redirect from http to https. Here you need Certbot to create a SSL Certificate. Follow the instructions from other blogs for e.g.

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