Avidya Vedanta


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With the statement भिद्यते हृदयग्रन्थिश्छिद्यन्ते सर्वसंशयाः।
क्शीयन्ते चास्य कर्माणि तस्मिन्‌ दृष्टे परावरे ॥ one assumes that all Karmas are burnt or exhausted. However some Vedantins like to say that the Prarabhda Karma for this person continues till he drops the body.

Some other people say, the cloth is burnt, so there is no more Karma. The Jivanmukta is Brahman alone. So how can one attribute any Karma to him? The Ajnanis look at this person they are interacting with and say that this person has some Prarabdha Karma left, so he is still interacting in the world. This is substantiating the world for the Ajnani, that is all.

From the point of view of the Jnani there are several ways people have explained it. One can say that he has no sense of duality, since the I ego has disappeared. He lives like a leaf blown by the wind. There is no knowledge of difference, since he has Sarvatmabhava.

Since there is a specific tenure where the Jivanmukta continues in the world of Ajnani, Prarabdha is attributed to the Jivanmukta by the Ajnani. Ishwara’s Maya seems to continue to play a role then. The question that again arises is, how can a Jivanmukta be subject to anything, since he is himself Brahman.

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